1. Pest Protection – One of the greatest benefits of a cedar chest is that cedar wood serves as a natural deterrent against moths and other pests. With a cedar chest, you won’t have to buy mothballs to keep your clothes in good shape!
  2. Appearance – Rather than serve as a boring storage area, a cedar chest offers a distinct, beautiful look that could easily become the highlight of your room. Its rich reddish-brown color, heavy grain, and knots makes each wood furniture piece look unique.
  3. Durability – The strength of cedar wood makes it a popular choice for storage chests and other handcrafted furniture pieces. Even when put under pressure, the wood is unlikely to warp or shift away from the wall.
  4. Sustainability – Cedar wood is an environmentally friendly choice, as the wood used for cedar chests and other wood furniture pieces typically comes from controlled forest areas.
  5. Aroma – The natural cedar oil that drives away moths and other insects also provides a pleasant aroma. You won’t need to buy air fresheners with the sweet smell of cedar in your room!