Here at Swiss Valley Furniture, we know that it takes more than wood furniture to make your house a home. That’s why we offer a wide range of living accessories to help you further customize your living space and create a fun environment for your family.

Many of our most popular wood products are designed with your little ones in mind. Living accessories such as our flip out step stool, dinosaur piggy bank, and potty chair help your kids with various activities around the house (while also making things easier for mom and dad).

Our living accessories aren’t just meant for kids, though. Many of our wood products are designed to help you get organized. Our hall trees provide a convenient place to hang coats and hats, while letter holders, magazine stands, and medicine cabinets make it easy to organize those smaller items that so commonly create clutter.

While these smaller wood products may not get as much attention as larger furniture pieces, there’s no denying that they can make daily activities that much easier for your family. Adding a few living accessories to your home won’t just make things look nicer—it will also create a more pleasant, organized atmosphere that everyone will notice the moment they walk through the door.