While our craftsmen at Swiss Valley Furniture pride themselves on the quality design of their wood furniture pieces, we understand that many homeowners hope to own something that is truly unique. We’re here to help! By working with our experienced team, we can help you design your very own table so you can create a custom masterpiece.

In crafting custom wooden tables, our team allows you to select every feature that will impact the design and function of your wood furniture piece. You start with the basics, selecting the size and shape of your table (just be sure to choose an option that will fit your room). You can even add up to four leaves to our custom wooden tables for greater versatility.

With the basics out of the way, your next selections focus primarily on the table’s appearance. We allow you to choose from several table edge and table base designs so that you can find the style that perfectly matches your preferences. Finally, you can select from seven wood species to complete your table’s design.

With their years of experience in design and woodworking, our craftsmen will have no trouble producing wooden tables that perfectly match your preferences. You’ll have a beautiful wood furniture piece that is also entirely unique—something that your family will cherish for generations to come