A beautiful bench can make all the difference in establishing an inviting atmosphere in your home’s entryway. For a handcrafted furniture piece that combines both style and function, you can’t go wrong with the Serenity Bench from Swiss Valley Furniture.

The design of the Serenity Bench combines both modern sensibilities and rustic charm. The smooth top features rounded edges and corners, a distinctly modern touch. The sleek top of this handcrafted furniture piece doesn’t just look good—it is also much safer if your toddler ever happens to bump his head on it!

Below the smooth top, intricately carved legs evoke the style of classic vintage furniture. Using different types of woods and stains for the top and the legs further emphasizes this contrast in styles, creating a truly one-of-a-kind appearance that is sure to blend with a wide variety of home decor.

With benches available from three to five feet in length, the Serenity Bench can fit perfectly in any room. Regardless of whether you have an entryway that is short on space or a large mudroom that needs filling up, this handcrafted furniture piece is the right fit.

For a unique style that will fit anywhere you need, this Swiss Valley Furniture original is sure to do the trick.