Whether you’re settling in to watch some football or enjoying a family movie night, the perfect entertainment setup requires much more than a flatscreen TV. For families in Northeast Ohio, wooden TV stands are an essential part of completing a home entertainment center.

While every family is unique, the wide variety of handcrafted furniture options available from Swiss Valley Furniture ensures that you’ll find a TV stand that perfectly meets your needs. Our craftsmen create both modern and rustic TV stands, making it easy to find an option that will fit in with your home decor. Whether you’re sprucing up a getaway cabin or perfecting your modern living room, there’s a TV stand that will match your style.

Of course, our Northeast Ohio wooden TV stands are about much more than looks. The different shelving options in our TV stands make it easy to store DVD players, video game systems, movies, and more. Better yet, with sizes ranging from 36” to 70”, you’ll have no trouble finding a TV stand that fits in your available space, while providing the durability and dependability you expect from wooden furniture.

Whether you need something to keep your massive flatscreen TV out of reach of the kids or just a smaller stand so you can watch the news while making dinner in the kitchen, our handcrafted furniture pieces will fit your lifestyle.