Of all the wood furniture pieces you might find in a home, there are few that receive more use than dining tables. More often than not, the dining room table is much more than a place for eating dinner. It’s where kids complete their homework. It’s where families play games or discuss upcoming events. With dining tables playing such a central role in family living, shouldn’t your table provide a perfect blend of style and comfort?

At Swiss Valley Furniture, we believe that designing your own table is the best way to create this ideal arrangement for your family. Dining tables that have been custom-made according to your tastes become that much more meaningful, serving as a treasured heirloom that will be prized for generations to come.

We allow you to choose all aspects of the table design, including size, table shape, table edge and base design, and the type of wood to be used. We’ll even let you select how many leaves you wish to add for your table so you can be ready for when the entire extended family comes over to visit!

When you design your own dining tables, every family gathering will be just a little more special. After all, what could be better than gathering around a furniture piece that matches your sense of style? This beautiful wood furniture piece will be perfect for all your family functions.