It’s only natural that you’d want your children to do well on their homework. While you shouldn’t do your child’s homework yourself, there are a few key things you can do to help your children perform their best.

The Right Place
The first thing parents should do is create a designated study area where children can complete their homework. Comfortable wooden desks and wooden chairs can make a big difference in your child’s ability to stay focused on their work. Find other ways to eliminate distractions from your child’s homework area. For example, you might have your child turn off their cell phone prior to starting work or limit computer use while working on homework. A distraction-free study area is an absolute must.

The Right Time
As valuable as well-crafted wooden desks can be in helping your child perform quality work, the time of day that homework is completed is also important to consider. In general, the earlier your child can complete their homework, the better. Most elementary school teachers recommend that children finish their homework before dinner, because they are often too tired to do quality work afterwards. Because of this, parents should encourage their children to finish homework before watching TV or going to play with friends.