Of all the handmade furniture pieces you could put in your home, few get more use than your Holmes County bedroom furniture. But is the place where you get eight hours of rest each night providing the comfort you need? It turns out the quality of the mattress you use with your Ohio wooden bedsets can have a direct impact on your well-being.

 It makes sense that an uncomfortable mattress would make it hard to sleep well at night. Unfortunately, this can contribute to a wide range of wellness issues, from back and joint pain to increased stress from a lack of sleep. The longer you let these problems go on, the worse they can get—and the more likely you are to develop even worse side effects.

 If an uncomfortable mattress is to blame for your poor sleep, buying a new comfortable mattress could make a huge difference for your health. By improving your sleep quality, a new mattress can reduce stress, help you avoid unhealthy weight gain, and even help you live longer!

 At Swiss Valley Furniture, we offer several mattress varieties that fit our Ohio wooden bedsets. Built with high-quality and anti-allergenic components, our Quiet Night, Perfect Choice, and Elite mattress series offer varying levels of firmness to help you find the right fit for your sleep habits. When you find a comfortable mattress that allows you to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be happy, healthy, and refreshed in the morning.