Having a designated space for homework is one of the best ways to instill good study habits in your child. For the best results, your child’s space needs to be comfortable and functional. As such, choosing the right wooden desks should be a top priority for furnishing your child’s study space.

So how can you ensure that you’ve made the right desk selection? First, remember that size matters. Wooden chairs and desks should be sized appropriately so your child can sit comfortably. Comfortable seating can make a huge difference in their ability to focus on their work.

It’s also important to consider how your child’s homework load will change in the years to come. As your child’s projects grow, they’ll likely need more space for storing papers and other school supplies. There’s a good chance they will use a computer to complete much of their work. Wooden desks should come equipped with multiple storage drawers for this very purpose.

Finally, it also helps to consider how your children will make their study areas into something that feels like it truly belongs to them. Hutches, open shelves, or even the addition of a cork board will make it easy for your child to decorate and customize their desk space and turn a study nook into a fun place for completing their work.