Each jewelry collection is truly unique—while some people opt for lavish, extravagant earrings and necklaces, others prefer simpler, more subdued pieces. Just like the type of jewelry each person wears is unique, so too is the size of their collection. So when it comes to storing these prized possessions, shouldn’t you have a handcrafted furniture piece that matches your tastes?

At Swiss Valley Furniture, we make it easy to find a jewelry storage solution that meets your unique needs. We offer a wide range of wood products that are suited for collections of all sizes.

For example, our 4 Drawer Shaker Jewelry Cabinets offer a set of easy-open drawers for storing rings and earrings. The compact design of these beautiful wood products allows them to fit anywhere you need, be it on top of a dresser or on the bathroom counter.

For those with larger collections, handcrafted furniture pieces such as our Clock Base Jewelry Vanity or the Bunkerhill Jewelry Armoire provide ample space for storing all types of jewelry. Better yet, our vanities and dressing tables also provide the ideal location for checking your reflection and getting ready for a big night out.

Whether you need a small jewelry box or a large dressing table, our beautiful wood products will allow you to store your jewelry in style!