Kids can bring a lot of joy to your family—but as any parent can tell you, they can also bring a lot of messes. It can be hard to keep your house organized when there seem to be toys scattered everywhere, but thankfully, there are wood products you can depend on to help you out. With a handmade toy box from Swiss Valley Furniture, you can keep your home neat.

 A toy box is the perfect addition to a child’s playroom or bedroom. Ranging in length from 30 to 48 inches, these spacious wood products offer plenty of storage space for toys and games. Rather than trying to organize items in a corner or setting them on top of another handmade furniture piece, you can more effectively reduce the clutter by using a toy box for storage.

Of course, you’ll need to teach your children why you have a toy box in the first place. Thankfully, young children learn quickly! As you explain how these wood products work and illustrate the importance of cleaning up after themselves, your children will soon learn to use their toy box appropriately.

A beautiful design and sturdy construction also ensures that these wood products won’t just help you get organized—they’ll also lend a boost to your home decor, helping your house look better than ever.