Here at Swiss Valley Furniture, we know that proper storage is essential for keeping your guns safe. Providing a secure storage location will protect your firearms from elemental wear and tear while also ensuring that nobody else gets access to your guns.

 So how will you keep your guns secure and safe? Our gun cabinets offer the perfect solution! These handcrafted wood products come fitted with everything you need to keep your weapons safe, including combination access and a secure, tamper-proof design.

 You should always completely unload the barrel and magazine, and then gently clean, oil, and polish the gun prior to putting it into storage. Avoid touching your gun with your bare skin while cleaning, as your body’s natural oils can eventually lead to rusting. Following these steps will ensure that your guns don’t deteriorate while in storage.

 By thoroughly cleaning your firearms and storing them in a Swiss Valley Furniture gun cabinet, you’ll be able to keep them in top condition for years to come. Even more importantly, you’ll also be able to ensure that children or burglars aren’t able to gain access to your guns.