Is your home’s entryway a disorganized, cluttered mess? Do your kids leave shoes, coats, and other items scattered across the floor, posing a tripping hazard for the entire family? Worse yet, are they tracking mud throughout the house? With the help of the right wood products, it doesn’t have to be that way.

 At Swiss Valley Furniture, we craft a wide variety of wooden hall benches designed to help you get organized and make the most of your entryway. With a functional design that combines coat hangers and storage cabinets for shoes and other objects, you can keep your entryway neat and clean, even when space is limited.

 These handcrafted furniture pieces range in width from 30 to 62 inches to perfectly fit your available space. By placing these furniture pieces right by the front door, your family won’t have any excuse not to hang up their coats or store their shoes out of the way. Better yet, the inclusion of a bench in this handcrafted furniture piece also provides a comfortable place for putting on or taking off shoes.

 Our beautiful handcrafted hall benches will add an extra level of style and class to your entryway, helping you keep your home clean so you can make a good impression when guests come to visit.