Finding a way to clear up the clutter in a mudroom or entryway is a common problem for homeowners. After all, nobody likes to arrive home only to be greeted by a pile of shoes and jackets that fill up most of the floor.

While some homeowners may worry that there isn’t a good solution to this household mess, a single furniture product can help you clean up the clutter by maximizing your storage. The solution? A hall bench with storage.

When most people think of a hall bench, they tend to think of a simple four-legged bench where they can sit to take off their shoes. Modern hall bench varieties take things further, expanding on this simple design by adding a bevy of organizational features.

Hall benches with storage help you maximize your space by adding coat hangers, shelves, cubbies, and other storage options. These features are added to the space directly above or below the bench itself, ensuring that the extra storage doesn’t take up additional floorspace. Perfect for organizing, shoes, coats, and other items you might need when heading out of the house, this allows you to store everything you need without making your mudroom feel cramped.

Swiss Valley Furniture offers several varieties of beautiful hall benches with storage to help you get more out of your entryway. With coat hangers, storage baskets, and pull-out drawers, you’ll have no problem maximizing your storage space with this versatile furniture product.