There are few things worse than finding a beautiful piece of handmade furniture and taking it home, only to discover that you don’t actually have space to fit it inside your house. Yet this happens surprisingly often—especially when someone is purchasing larger furniture pieces, such as wooden desks or bedsets.


Thankfully, avoiding this furniture mishap is relatively easy when you simply measure before you buy. While taking measurements in your home may seem somewhat inconvenient, it’s an absolute must when purchasing large wood furniture pieces.


Start by measuring the available space you have in the room where you wish to place the new wood furniture piece. Measure the length, width, and height of the area where the furniture will go to ensure you don’t purchase something that is too big. It’s also worth considering how much extra floor space will be left in the room after you install your furniture piece—you’ll still need room to walk!


However, this isn’t the only area you should measure. Chances are, your wood furniture will need to pass through several doors, halls, and possibly even a staircase or two before arriving at its destination. Measuring now to make sure you have enough space to fit a wood furniture piece through the front door or turn it around a corner will save you some major headaches later.


By taking these measurements in advance, you can have a better idea as to what handmade furniture piece will be the best fit for your home and have greater confidence in your purchase.