Are you ready for a new baby? Shopping for handmade furniture and other baby products can be somewhat stressful, but when you know what your nursery needs, this process won’t be hard at all.

Get ready for baby by purchasing the following items for your nursery:

Crib — Cribs are the most basic accessory for any nursery. After all, your child needs a place to sleep! Only consider cribs that adhere to federal safety standards, such as having all slats less than 2 & 3/8 inches apart and a top rail that is 26 inches or higher above the mattress. The mattress itself should fit tightly and only use fitted sheets.

 Changing Table — Handcrafted changing tables are another must-have for your nursery. Choose a sturdy handmade furniture piece that will be comfortable to work with while also providing adequate storage space. It will be much easier to change your baby’s diaper when everything you need is stored conveniently nearby.

Baby Monitor — A baby monitor is the easiest way to check in on your child during the night. Modern video monitors give you a complete picture of what is going on so you know when your child needs help.

Rocking Chair — Rockers and gliders are the perfect seating solution for feeding or calming your baby. The gentle motion has a soothing effect on your child, while also helping you stay comfortable as you care for your baby.