Every bedroom could benefit from a dressing area, but it can be hard to imagine how you could make room for such a space when you have a smaller floor plan. Thankfully, with the Shaker Dressing Table from Swiss Valley Furniture, a small space doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying a vanity of your own.

This handmade furniture piece is specially designed for smaller rooms, with a width of only 29.5 inches. This allows it to fit snugly into almost any bedroom, even when space is limited.

This handmade furniture piece may be smaller than other vanities, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices the quality features that make a vanity such a prized possession. The compact mirror is perfect for checking your reflection or putting the finishing touches on your makeup, while the tabletop area is well suited for storing some of those “getting ready” items.

The single drawer included with this vanity is another essential feature that makes it easy to keep your smaller jewelry collection organized. With key features such as wooden dividers, a ring holder, and a velvet fabric covering, this drawer will make it easy to keep your jewelry safe and organized.

As you can see, a small space doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of owning a vanity. With the Shaker Dressing Table, you can still make that dream a reality.