At Swiss Valley Furniture, we strive to create wood products that complement your daily routine while simultaneously helping you cultivate a stylish, classy look for your home. Few of our wooden kitchen accessories better accomplish this goal than our Keurig Holder.

These versatile wood products serve as a small storage box for organizing your K-Cups. The pull-out drawer is designed with K-Cups in mind. Its compact size keeps it from taking up too much space in your kitchen, with dimensions specifically designed for storing up to 36 K-Cups.

Better yet, the sturdy wood design of the Keurig Holder allows you to rest your Keurig coffee machine on top of it. This way, you can get your K-Cups out of the drawer and make your morning cup of coffee all in the same place — no going back and forth across the kitchen from your pantry to the coffee maker and back.

With the Keurig Holder and other wooden kitchen accessories, you can streamline your morning routine while helping your kitchen look better than ever.