In a day and age when it seems like almost everyone purchases bland, identical furniture pieces from “big box” stores, it’s nice to know that there’s a better way to furnish your home. At Swiss Valley Furniture, we believe that providing custom handcrafted furniture options is the best way to help you find high-quality furniture pieces that match your lifestyle and personality.

 Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of buying custom furniture is the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying wooden tables or outdoor seating; our team of experts handcrafts each piece using timeless techniques.

 This furniture isn’t cheaply manufactured by a machine. Our wood furniture is built to last, serving your family for generations to come. Even more importantly, each furniture piece will function properly, thanks to the careful attention to detail each of our craftsmen provides. This personal touch lends each custom piece a unique, one-of-a-kind quality

 Custom handcrafted furniture also has an intrinsic beauty not found in other furniture products. Every detail is accounted for, from the wood grain and staining to a functional but beautiful design. This allows your custom furniture piece to blend perfectly with your home decor or serve as the perfect starting point for your interior design dreams.

 Why settle for less? With custom handcrafted furniture, you’ll have the perfect piece for your home.