Finding a place to store your extensive jewelry collection and make sure you look your best is sometimes easier said than done—but not with the Clock Base Jewelry Vanity from Swiss Valley Furniture! This beautiful handcrafted furniture piece comes with a great selection of features to provide a truly versatile performance.

In many ways, this vanity/jewelry armoire combo is like other dressing tables. It features elegant mirrors that allow you to judge your reflection, a roomy tabletop area, and space for seating. The generous dimensions of this handcrafted furniture piece allow you to sit comfortably as you get ready for the day.

Of course, what truly sets this vanity apart is its spacious jewelry storage area. This vanity features 11 drawers with wooden dividers, ring holders, and more, as well as a pull-out vertical drawer with hooks for holding necklaces. Each drawer is backed with quality fabric to protect the jewelry from scratches.

With such expansive storage options, you’ll have no trouble keeping your jewelry organized in a way that best meets the needs of your collection. You won’t have to worry about necklaces getting tangled up with bracelets or corrosive metals coming in contact with each other. With this handcrafted furniture piece, your jewelry be kept safe—and better yet, it will always be close at hand for when you need to decide what will best match your outfit.