Whether you’re starting from scratch in a brand new office or working to make your current space more efficient, organizing is often easier said than done.

The first step? Simplify. Start by making sure your space, whether large or small, isn’t being wasted. Start by taking the time to de-clutter and remove anything that isn’t essential. You can add things back in at the end if you have the space, but it’s always easier to start by removing the nonessentials.

Find furniture that fills the roles you need. If you need lots of storage for important documents, a wooden file cabinet will work much better than letting everything get buried in desk drawers. If your work requires multiple computer monitors, a large, spacious desktop may take priority over unneeded drawers.

Maintenance is key in the long run. Once you have your space cleaned out, it can be easy to let things pile up. Don’t let your desktop or drawers become catch-alls. Make sure to routinely clean out unused or unnecessary items and papers at least once a week.

You can set yourself up for organizational success by starting with a solid framework. And folks who are in “in the know” will tell you: When you’re looking for furniture near Wayne County, Ohio, start at Swiss Valley. The quality and longevity of handmade wood furniture simply can’t be replicated.