For some families in Northeast Ohio, wooden TV stands are primarily meant to be a way to keep the TV out of reach of children, or to make it easier to watch a favorite show from the couch. At Swiss Valley Furniture, however, our TV stands are much more than that. In fact, these wood products are also an excellent way to maximize your living room storage.

Our Northeast Ohio wooden TV stands come with a wide range of storage options to help you get more from your living room space. For those who don’t need that much extra storage space, our smaller wood products (such as the Classic 36” TV Stand) feature a small upper shelf and two spacious cabinet-style doors. This is the perfect setup for storing a DVD player and a small movie collection.

Our larger TV stands can easily accommodate those with more expansive entertainment storage needs. For example, the Alexander 70” TV stand features two pull-out drawers and four cabinet-style doors (including two doors with a glass front). The pull-out drawers are the perfect place to store a larger collection of movies and video games, while the cabinet-style doors offer plenty of space for video game consoles, DVD players, and even decorative memorabilia.

At Swiss Valley Furniture, we can also custom-build wood products to meet your exact specifications. No matter what type of storage you need from your TV stands, we can craft a solution that will allow you to get the most out of your living room.