Children’s rooms tend to have fairly limited space in Northeast Ohio. Bedroom furniture doesn’t always fit as easily as parents would like, especially when their child also needs a dedicated study space for their schoolwork.

 Fortunately, parents don’t necessarily have to try to find a way to cram wooden desks into their child’s room alongside the rest of the bedroom furniture. By utilizing a loft bed with a desk, you can create more usable space in your child’s room and keep it from getting too cluttered.

By placing the bed on a high raised surface, loft beds allow your child to get practical use from the area under the bed. When loft beds are combined with wooden desks, this area serves as an ideal location for completing homework. Best of all, this can make studying a fun and unique experience for your child.

 The storage options offered by a loft bed with a desk are another advantage of this wood furniture piece. Spacious cabinets and open shelving can be used to store everything from clothes and school supplies to toys and decorations. This in turn leaves more open floor space in the room, perfect for play and safe movement.

By adding this versatile furniture piece to your child’s bedroom, you can create a fun study area that also improves the overall usability of their room.