Among the many handmade products we produce at Swiss Valley Furniture, gun cabinets are a commonly overlooked item. But regardless of whether you use firearms for hunting or personal protection, there’s no denying that these wood products can make a big difference for your family.

 Here are the top benefits of having a gun cabinet in your home:

 Out of Reach: For families that have children in the home, finding a way to safely store firearms is a chief concern. With a gun cabinet, you can keep your weapons out of sight and out of mind when not in use. Safety locks ensure that your children won’t be able to access your guns when they’re unsupervised.

 Environmental Protection: Exposure to moisture and dust can cause your gun to erode over time. Our handmade products protect your firearms from these corrosive elements by providing a controlled environment, which ensures your guns will stay in good condition for years to come.

 One Location: Hiding guns all over the house can pose a serious risk that your children or an intruder could gain access to your weapons. By keeping all your guns in one place, you’ll have peace of mind always knowing where they are.