Owning a quality gun cabinet from Swiss Valley Furniture is one thing, but finding the right place to store it is another. The right location will ensure that your gun cabinet provides the protection your firearms need; the wrong location could entirely compromise the benefits offered by these handmade products.

 So which factors should you watch out for when finding a place to store your gun cabinet? The first thing to avoid are areas where fire or water damage pose a risk. Because of this, storing your gun cabinet close to the kitchen, a fireplace, or in the garage is never a good idea. Proximity to gas lines, water pipes, or fuel storage significantly increases the risk of exposing your Swiss Valley Furniture gun cabinet to these threats.

 You should also take steps to prevent burglary. The garage, a home office, and the living room are common targets for thieves, making them less-than-ideal options. The master bedroom is another popular target; however, bolting down a gun cabinet inside the master bedroom closet may ultimately be your best storage option.

 Basements are typically ignored by burglars, making this another good choice for gun cabinet storage. However, you should make sure that your basement has a good dehumidifier in place and that you don’t live in a flood-prone area. Otherwise, basement storage could expose your firearms to severe water damage.

 Finding the best place to store your gun cabinet isn’t always easy, but by examining these factors, you can find a location that works for you.