Most parents understand that setting aside a designated study area can make a big difference in their child’s homework performance. However, parents can sometimes feel lost when trying to decide which wooden desks would really be the best option for their child.

With that in mind, here are three reasons why the small writing desk from Swiss Valley Furniture is a great choice for your child:

Size – It can be hard to find space for your child to study. Children’s rooms are often quite small, and kitchens generally don’t have much extra floorspace available. The smaller size of these wooden desks allows them to fit comfortably in rooms with limited space, ensuring that there is enough room for homework and other activities.

Comfort – Comfort is key for maintaining your child’s focus and energy. Small wooden desks erase many barriers to comfort. For example, your child will be able to reach the floor while seated. They won’t need to strain to reach across the desk. While these might seem like minor benefits, they can have a big impact on concentration and homework performance.

Price – There’s no denying the obvious: smaller wooden desks will almost always cost less than larger models. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a small writing desk for your child. When your oldest outgrows their desk, this handmade furniture piece’s great durability ensures it will still be in top condition, leaving it ready to be passed on to your next child.