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Jul 22, 2019
A hutch can be a classic piece of solid wood furniture to decorate your dining room. But hutches can also be a practical way to store your fine china, everyday dishes, or knick knacks.   Benefits of a Hutch  Your grandparents may have had a hutch in their home when you were young. They most likely used their hutch to store finer dishware and china, which is the perfect use for any hutch in your dining room or kitchen. With your own hutch you can store seldom-used kitchenware in a separate…
Jul 17, 2019
Our pieces of handcrafted furniture for dolls are manufactured the same way we do normal pieces. They are designed to last for years to come and are made with quality materials.  Doll Toys Make Great Gifts  They help teach kids from a young age how to take care of others and allows them an opportunity to pretend running their own family. Children who play with dolls need to “put the kids to sleep” or sit them in a high chair for feeding time. With quality pieces of doll furniture, they can even…
Jul 10, 2019
At Swiss Valley Furniture you can pick out which stain you want for your piece of handmade wood furniture. You can also add a “distressed” feature and select your own hardware when you make your final decision.   Stain Options  We have a variety of Brown Maple stain samples as well as Cherry Stain, Oak Stain, Quartersawn Oak, glazed, and painted samples. Each wood species can be stained, painted, or glazed in a variety of colors to give you the perfect complementary piece of furniture for your…

Family owned and operated. The Mullet family has been designing and building furniture for 3 generations. We would love to welcome you to our 24,000 square foot retail store and design center in Walnut Creek, and help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

In 2016 we finished expanding, bringing the entire creation of our customers furniture all in one location.

From start to finish.

When you go furniture shopping at a typical retailer, it can be frustrating when you can’t find a quality furniture piece to fit your space. At Swiss Valley Furniture, this is never a problem, as our team is always ready to produce handcrafted furniture that perfectly meets your needs.