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We are a bit different than other furniture stores because we do not offer “Sale” pricing.
We do not mark our prices up so that we can mark them back down; we give you the best price possible every day!


Oct 11, 2018
Creating a storage area near a main door into your home can help reduce clutter. This storage area, known as a mudroom or entryway, only works efficiently with an organized storage method to hold coats, shoes, boots, and other items.  Swiss Valley Furniture, premiere Amish furniture makers in Holmes County, offer a 62” locker unit to bring a mudroom or entryway to life.  This expertly crafted piece of handmade wood furniture features a pull-out drawer underneath the bench for additional storage…
Oct 4, 2018
In any office space, you need room for storage. In your home office, sorting and organizing bills or other important paperwork is crucial. At your actual office space, you have client and employee information to sort through and keep safe.   Enter a Drop Front Desk from Swiss Valley Furniture to help your sort and organize your life whether you are at home or the office. This wooden desk harkens back to an earlier generation with it’s drop down front end which conceals a part of its space…
Sep 29, 2018
It’s never too soon to get your children on track with their education. In fact, the sooner you promote learning with your children, the better off they will be moving through school and later in life.   But every workspace for your children doesn’t require a desk and chair. Besides, some of them may work at a desk the rest of their lives! So why not look at a set of Amish wood table and chairs for their workspace!   A set of chairs around a table can prove to be the perfect workspace,…

Family owned and operated. The Mullet family has been designing and building furniture for 3 generations. We would love to welcome you to our 24,000 square foot retail store and design center in Walnut Creek, and help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

In 2016 we finished expanding, bringing the entire creation of our customers furniture all in one location.

From start to finish.

When you go furniture shopping at a typical retailer, it can be frustrating when you can’t find a quality furniture piece to fit your space. At Swiss Valley Furniture, this is never a problem, as our team is always ready to produce handcrafted furniture that perfectly meets your needs.