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We are a bit different than other furniture stores because we do not offer “Sale” pricing.
We do not mark our prices up so that we can mark them back down; we give you the best price possible every day!


Aug 21, 2019
Your children have ideas. As their parents, you should encourage them to express those ideas creatively as often as possible. By giving them a creative space that is all their own, you can cultivate a sense of creativity in your children from a young age.  A Table Set Can Help Your Child Get Creative A child-sized table and chairs can be the perfect spot in your home just for them. They can play games, draw, write, or create any number of other projects. With their own space, children can feel…
Aug 16, 2019
As your child grows, their beds need to grow along with them. But what if we told you that we have another option to save you money? We have several models of convertible cribs available on our website and in our showroom.  What is a Convertible Crib?  Convertible cribs are designed to grow with your children. Convertible cribs start out as cribs for your newborn until he or she is ready for a youth bed. The convertible crib can convert into a youth bed and eventually a full-size bed for as…
Aug 8, 2019
We offer a variety of desks for children and adults alike. If you need a desk for your child to finish their homework or an executive desk for your office, we have plenty of handmade, solid wood furniture for you! Simple, Understated, Minimal If you are searching for a simple, small, understated, wooden desk for everyday use or decoration we have several selections.  Our Abigail Computer Desk, Writing Desk, or Alexander Library Desk all feature a sleek, simple design that’s perfect for any…

Family owned and operated. The Mullet family has been designing and building furniture for 3 generations. We would love to welcome you to our 24,000 square foot retail store and design center in Walnut Creek, and help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

In 2016 we finished expanding, bringing the entire creation of our customers furniture all in one location.

From start to finish.

When you go furniture shopping at a typical retailer, it can be frustrating when you can’t find a quality furniture piece to fit your space. At Swiss Valley Furniture, this is never a problem, as our team is always ready to produce handcrafted furniture that perfectly meets your needs.