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We are a bit different than other furniture stores because we do not offer “Sale” pricing.
We do not mark our prices up so that we can mark them back down; we give you the best price possible every day!


May 21, 2019
The sun is finally shining and that means barbecues, family reunions, and enjoying relaxing sunsets are right around the corner. If you are searching for ways to decorate your outdoor spaces, Swiss Valley Furniture has the best options for you. Maintenance Free Poly or Treated Wood We have a variety of outdoor furniture in several shapes, sizes, and colors to complete any patio or outdoor area. Our outdoor furniture pieces also come in maintenance free poly or treated wood to ensure it will…
May 11, 2019
If you enjoy shelves throughout your home — and decorating them — then visit the Swiss Valley Furniture showroom or website. We enjoy building handmade solid wood furniture items with shelves in order to help you organize your belongings or simply have space to decorate using your own personal style.  For instance, our Legacy Mission TV Wall Unit is the perfect TV stand for homeowners who enjoy decorating shelves. This wall unit features a large shelf capable of fitting some of the largest TVs…
May 8, 2019
furniture that is often overlooked is quality. By considering quality furniture items you can have peace of mind that your furniture will last and is unique. At a glance, many furniture items may look similar and shoppers may select a cheaper option. Quality furniture incorporates quality materials though. These pieces of furniture also undergo rigorous quality control inspections before they make it to any showroom. When furniture is made with quality materials, you can know it will last for…

Family owned and operated. The Mullet family has been designing and building furniture for 3 generations. We would love to welcome you to our 24,000 square foot retail store and design center in Walnut Creek, and help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

In 2016 we finished expanding, bringing the entire creation of our customers furniture all in one location.

From start to finish.

When you go furniture shopping at a typical retailer, it can be frustrating when you can’t find a quality furniture piece to fit your space. At Swiss Valley Furniture, this is never a problem, as our team is always ready to produce handcrafted furniture that perfectly meets your needs.