About Us

Who We Are

Swiss Valley Furniture offers a complete line of solid hardwood furniture. Our family has been designing and building furniture for three generations. Visit our store conveniently located one mile east of Walnut Creek and browse our 24,000 square foot showroom.

Our Values

Integrity – We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We do what is right, not what is easy.

Stewardship – We conscientiously manage our time and resources for the benefit of all.

Accountability – We take ownership of our actions and accept responsibility for their results.

Customer Service – Exceeding expectations – we always give our customers more than they expect to get.

Teamwork – We exist as a team to support each other in creating a superior work environment.

Our Family History

Enjoy our timeline slideshow of our business history.

Jake Mullet starts Mullet Cabinet building custom kitchen cabinets and a family heritage of woodworking is born.
Jake’s son, Dennis Mullet, joined his brother in the cabinet shop. The father and son’s continue to grow the family business, while building quality kitchens.
Dennis has the opportunity to establish Swiss Valley Furniture. The dream to provide locally made hardwood furniture is realized.
Dennis’ son, Kendrick, using what he learned in his grandfather and father’s wood shop, begins to craft custom furniture in his garage.
The Mullets outgrew the garage and built a 7,200 sq. foot shop; adding 5 employees and expanding the different pieces and styles of furniture.
Major construction and expansion plans start; expanding the retail showroom and adding a finishing room and manufacturing shop so more furniture is designed, built, finished, and sold in one location.
January 2nd our expanded retail showroom is officially opened. Manufacturing and stain room begin production in our new facilities. Bringing the entire creation of our customers furniture all in one location. From start to finish.

Our Team

Sales Team

Ashton Troyer
Sales - Woodshop

Ashton has been with our team since 2015. Ashton is a school teacher and helps us during the summer time. Ashton floats around and helps where needed most - helping customer on our sales floor, building drawer boxes in our woodshop, or sanding in our finish shop. In his spare time, Ashton enjoys reading and playing volleyball.

Christine Gossett
Director of First Impressions

Christine has been working with us since Spring of 2020, and enjoys every aspect of her new position! You will probably be able to find her behind the front desk, or rearranging something throughout the showroom. She tries to bring new ideas with her, and represent the young buyers of today. In her free time, you can find her with her fiancée, or documenting her makeup journey on Instagram.

Dustin Kurtz
Sales Manager
dustin [at] swissvalleyfurniture [dot] com

Dustin has been with the team at Swiss Valley since the Spring of 2020. Through various job opportunities after high school, he developed a love and skill set for selling furniture and is excited to be our sales manager. He is the voice behind most of the phone calls, keeping every customer informed on the progress of their furniture. When not at work, he can be found at his church, with his fiancée, or working on completing a degree in Theology.

Kendrick Mullet
kendrick [at] swissvalleyfurniture [dot] com

Kendrick is the visionary for our company, as the President he is engaged in every part of Swiss Valley. Each day Kendrick brings an enthusiastic, team first approach. He loves to lead a team, give direction, and help everyone endeavor to their full potential. Whenever Kendrick is not behind a desk or on the sales floor, he loves spending time at his workbench, designing and handcrafting custom furniture. He loves life with his wife and 3 kids. His hobbies include reading, running, drinking coffee, and cheering on Cleveland sports teams. He is very involved with his kids sports teams. An accomplished ultra-runner, he's always training for his next race.

Marvin Yoder
Sales - Marketing & Media Manager
Marvin [at] swissvalleyfurniture [dot] com

Marvin has been with our team since 2018. Marvin manages our Website, Media & Marketing. He also handles furniture transportation.      - In his spare time, Marvin enjoys running and preparing for the next race. "If you see me collapse pause my watch"      - Marvin also enjoys competing in Volleyball & Spikeball tournaments.    - Wanderlust is a word he lives by, so traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures is a high priority.

Mary Kurtz
Director of First Impressions

Mary has been with our team since the spring of 2020. She is involved in helping with the decor in the store and is also there to greet and help customers. In here spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their family. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking, biking, and anything in nature.

Mervin Kurtz
General Manager
mervin [at] swissvalleyfurniture [dot] com

Mervin has been with our team since the spring of 2020, he brings lots of leadership experience with him. He looks forward to helping you with any custom orders you may have. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Mary and their 3 sons, Travis, Shane, and Dustin. He also enjoys jigsaw puzzles, drawing, and anything out in nature.

Shawn Mullet
General Manager
shawn [at] swissvalleyfurniture [dot] com

Shawn is in charge of operations at Swiss Valley. He is a gifted administrator who keeps all the wheels turning smoothly. He works hard behind the scenes, in the office, warehouse, finish room and wood shop, organizing and managing the production from start to finish of all of your handcrafted furniture. Shawn also loves to work with customers on the sales floor to craft and design the perfect furniture for you. - In his spare time, Shawn cherishes spending time with his wife and three kids. Shawn also loves a good round of golf.

Wood Shop

Eddie Miller
Henry Hostetler
Craftsman - Wood Shop

Henry has been with our team since 2016. As our craftsman, Henry works along side Merle and builds our furniture. - In his spare time, Henry enjoys playing basketball.

Jared Buller

Jared has been with the team since 2018, he works in the woodshop sanding, prepping and learning craftsmanship. 

In his free time, Jared enjoys reading, relaxing and cheering on Brazil in soccer. 

Leon Miller
Master Craftsman - Wood Shop

Leon has been with our team since 2009. Leon works in our wood shop and specializes in crafting all of our cribs. He is also in charge of organizing the lumber as it comes into our shop and cuts the wood down to size every furniture piece. - In his spare time, Leon enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children, and going out to the lake to fish.

Mark Raber

Mark joined our team in 2017. Mark is a talented craftsman, he specializes in building our convertible changing tables, and helps with a lot of our custom projects. In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing softball and volleyball, and hunting and fishing.

Merle Yoder
Master Craftsman - Production Manager - Wood Shop

Merle has been with our team since 2009, he is a master craftsman and specializes in building our custom furniture. As our production manager, he ensures the orders are on schedule for our finish shop. - In his spare time, Merle loves spending time with his wife and 3 children. He also loves to go fishing and play softball.

Finish Shop

Anthony Yoder
Shipping and Receiving - Quality Control

Anthony has been with our team since 2015. He assembles all of the furniture that has just been stained, Anthony does the final inspection and ensures every piece of furniture fits its specifications and the quality we strive for. He then wraps, tags, and marks it ready to be sent out. - In his spare time, Anthony enjoys playing volleyball, and learning new songs on his guitar. 

Edwin Hostetler
Finish Shop

Edwin has been with our team since 2016. He works in our finish shop where he helps with staining, wiping and sanding of the furniture. In his spare time, Edwin enjoys playing video games.

Joe Miller
Finish Shop

Joe has been with our team since 2017. Joe works mostly in our top coat booth he is in charge of applying the final finish, ensuring our furniture is finished correctly - In his spare time, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and hunting. You'll also see him helping on the retail floor on Saturdays.

Linda Schlabach
Finish Room

Linda has been with our team since 2015. Linda works in our finish shop where she helps with staining, wiping and sanding of the furniture. In her spare time, Linda enjoys playing volleyball and serving in her church with different mission and outreach programs.

Maria Gomez
Reuben Raber
Manager - Finish Shop

Reuben has been with our team since 2012, and as finish room manager, he does a great job keeping everything organized and on schedule.He inspects each piece by hand one last time before we stain it.  In his spare time Reuben enjoys hunting, especially big game hunting out west and playing volleyball. 

Sam Hostetler

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