Conversion Kits for Cribs

Conversion Kits for Cribs

Submitted by Swiss Valley Furniture on Tue, 06/05/2018 - 9:00am

Children grow up fast and sometimes it’s difficult to purchase clothing and other items for them since they often out-grow things the next day. Imagine if you could buy something for your child that would last a lifetime?


With conversion kits for cribs, there is a way to purchase one bed for your child that is built to last.


At Swiss Valley Furniture we offer handcrafted cribs manufactured by the popular American Baby Classics line of cribs, which offer conversion kits. With these kits, your wooden crib can easily be converted into a youth bed and even a full-size bed, as your child grows up.

American Baby Classics carries safety rails and boards to easily convert a crib into a youth bed, as well as bed rails and slats to convert a youth bed into a full-size bed as your child matures.


All of these conversion kits come fitted for a variety of the original cribs from American Baby Classics. They can also be customized in the desired wood type or stain to match your original crib.


So why buy your child multiple beds when you can purchase one bed they will cherish for a lifetime!