Feature: Doll Furniture

Are you searching for gift ideas for your children? If you didn’t know we design and make doll furniture to accessorize any dollhouse! 

Feature: Doll Furniture

Submitted by Swiss Valley Furniture on Wed, 07/17/2019 - 9:00am

Our pieces of handcrafted furniture for dolls are manufactured the same way we do normal pieces. They are designed to last for years to come and are made with quality materials. 

Doll Toys Make Great Gifts 

They help teach kids from a young age how to take care of others and allows them an opportunity to pretend running their own family. Children who play with dolls need to “put the kids to sleep” or sit them in a high chair for feeding time. With quality pieces of doll furniture, they can even learn how to take care of their own belongings.  

Our Products 

We have a variety of handcrafted furniture items to choose from for any doll set. We have Big Boy Rocker chairs, gliders, beds, and even bunk beds. We even have high-chairs and a table and chair set for when your child’s dolls need to sit down for dinner! 

Customizable Options 

Each piece of doll furniture can be sold finished or unfinished and can be stained in any stain you desire. Plus, we have countless other children’s toys that can pair well with your child’s doll collection.  

Dolls are a great, safe way to encourage learning in children. If you are searching for doll furniture look no further than Swiss Valley Furniture!