Throwing a Successful Patio Party

Throwing a Successful Patio Party

Submitted by Swiss Valley Furniture on Wed, 06/20/2018 - 9:00am

Summer is finally here in Northeast Ohio and what better way to enjoy the sunshine with friends, family, and neighbors than a patio party!

If you are planning to host a party on your outdoor patio this summer, here are a few helpful tips to ensure a successful time for you and your guests.


Start by selecting a theme. Is your party going to have a beach theme or a cocktail theme? Or will the party be used to celebrate a birthday or anniversary? A theme can help your guests pick out the proper attire or bring an appropriate dish for your party.


Next, plan a menu. If your patio party means you are cooking on the grill, then plan a menu that complements hamburgers, hot dogs, or ribs. If your theme is Hawaiian, then add fresh fruits to your menu. And select appropriate drinks to highlight your party’s theme.


And get yourself some comfortable patio furniture and other decorations so your guests have enjoy the outdoors. Get the appropriate amount of picnic tables, have umbrellas for shade, and even use lights to illuminate your patio (including steps).


Swiss Valley Furniture has a full line of handmade wood furniture made for any outdoor setting, including outfitting your patio.

Lastly, use music, games, and more along the theme of your party, elevate the mood of everyone there, and create opportunities for people to meet each other.