Standard Bookcase Options

Bookcase Options

Our bookcases are available in 3 standard styles 


Traditional Style 
Traditional crown molding
Traditional crown molding
Traditional style
Traditional base molding

Traditional Style bookcases are rooted in early American composition. The traditional style has more distinct corners and curves in the molding making it the most ornate and detailed of our three bookcase styles.  This style is guaranteed to add distinction to any book collection or whatever you wish to display. 

Shaker Style
Shaker Style
Shaker Crown Molding
Shaker Crown Molding
Shaker Crown Molding
Shaker Base Molding

The Shaker is a classic style used in old-world craftsmanship. Large sweeping curves and lines are never in a hurry but add a simple elegance and design to any bookcase. 

Mission Style
Mission Crown Molding
Mission Crown Molding
Mission Style
Mission Base Molding

Mission style is a classic clean and modern style, utilizing straight lines and quicker edges. 

This minimalistic bookcase design doesn't rely on flash but it's sturdy simple quality
The Mission style bookcase is an elegant and modern fit for any room. 

Sizing options

For all styles, we can do any width to length size. 

Standard width  24" -- 36" -- 42" -- 48" -- 

Standard Height 36" -- 48" -- 60" -- 72" -- 84" 


We can also build custom sizes specifically to any exact inch. 


Standard depth is 14" at the top, 11.25" inside shelf depth

Standard features include

  - Solid Hardwood sides

  - Adjustable Plywood shelves with solid front

 - 1/4" Birch Back

 Upgrades available

 - Doors to match  - Typically $35 per door

         - For 24" wide - one door is standard 

         - For 24" to 48" wide - two doors is standard

 - Arched face frame under crown molding - $10.00

 - Extra Shelf  - $25.00 per

- Increase depth  - 10% per 1" of depth